Bad Decisions Late at Night

Everyone needs those friends who go along with your crazy ideas. Jonah and I have a lot of crazy ideas and a lot of crazy friends, so I’ve decided this rule could potentially be bad in excess, because our crazy friends encourage us to do crazy trips to Moab late on a Friday night. We’d been wanting to go for a while to take pictures of our Arches poster in front of Delicate Arch and we thought, “Why not now?”

The main reason the trip was crazy was because we’d be hiking and Jonah had had a recent medical scare where his hands and feet went numb and he was having trouble breathing. We figured out what it was but he was still experiencing the aftermath. The other reason this trip was a terrible idea was because September is one of the hottest times of the year in Moab, and we’d be in a sweltering tent. But we found ourselves in the road tripping along anyways, bumbling along with our friends, Tim and Becca.

Some pretty bad decisions can be made spontaneously, but some pretty good ones can be made that way too. We cliff jumped into some dangerously shallow water where we all grazed the rocks at the bottom, gave out lots and lots of stickers and ate way too many oreos and milkshakes.

If you are planning a Moab trip anytime soon, we highly recommend camping in the La-Sals. It’s a mountain range 30-40 minutes outside of Moab and as you drive up the road the temperature drops about 15 degrees and the landscape flips. It switches almost instantaneously from the desert to a lush forest. Highly recommended. Unfortunately we learned that too little, too late and camped in the heat. Learn from our mistakes.

So here’s to spontaneous trips, good friends, red rocks, and bad decisions made late at night. These are some of the things that enrich our lives. It felt good to run away from the real world for a time and forget about any weight or worry that was looming over me.