Ode to Camping

A lot of people I know make fun of camping. They’d rather not toss and turn on a hard ground all night and then wake up with the sun and have to fend off the bugs as they cook their breakfast over a mini stove, only to go hike 7 or more miles in the dirt and heat. This includes peeing in the wild, blisters and sunburns, and everything else in between. I could see why someone would want to stay home in their bed. Those people look at campers and say they’re crazy, and they’d be right. We’re used to a certain type of lifestyle.

But there are a few things I will say in defense of camping. I love waking up to brisk, morning air with messy hair and no place I need to rush off to. I love the sound of the tent zipper and the feel of a cozy jacket wrapped around me as I huddle close to a fire at night. And I love eating trail mix on top of a mountain after a long hike. (Jonah has to monitor my trail mix intake so it doesn’t get out of hand).

Basically, I think everyone should be “outdoorsy” because when you think of it, if you aren’t outdoorsy, then what are you? Indoorsy?

But the absolute best part about camping is being with Jonah. “Life ain’t worth living without the ones you love.” And I honestly don’t care what we are doing as long as we are together. We both just love life and chase after it instead of waiting for exciting things to happen to us.